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They’re everywhere: Fences from here and there

In Japan

In Ireland:

In Africa:

In China:


In Montana:

In Missouri:

I was surprised at how many fence pictures I have. After going through my archives looking specifically for fences I realized that I have a tendency t use them as framing elements in photos.

Lens Artists Photo Challenge-Fences

On the dark side

A very few of many sunsets



My first foray into both going off of auto and night photography, came from a desire to capture the Takae Lantern Festival in Nara Japan in 2007. These were taken with my trusty old Canon A510, using ISO 400 and a walking stick mono-pod.


Since then I’ve moved up, a bit, in both camera and skill, but I continue to use a walking stick/monopod and do not use a tripod. It just doesn’t work for me to carry one around. I am still quite challenged by dark pictures, in part because I don’t use a tripod and in part because I use a “bridge” camera, Nikon P610, which has a relatively small sensor so it wants longer shutter speeds and it gets grainy pretty fast at higher ISO settings.

I keep trying because I think night pictures often give you a better feel for the atmosphere of a place than day shots. People are off work and going about their business.

A few night street scenes in China and Japan:


I am often disappointed by the moon. My eye sees it bigger than my camera lens does:

The darkness of the night and motion of the boats in these pictures of cormorant fishing in Gifu, Japan, meant that all the pictures were blurry. I tried a “painterly” effect to make it seem like art instead of just a blurry picture.


I’m not a morning person so I only have sunrise pictures from far away places (where I have jet lag). Here are a few from Kenya.

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Sunset to Sunrise.



More Roads Taken

The rocky road on I am currently on getting is a wordpress.org site pulled together from one I formed when I took a class in web site design over a year ago. While the site itself is premature, I am starting to post galleries of pictures which may become relevant to its purpose.

I have not mastered how to get things linked up between WordPress.com and the new site. On that site I have two gallery posts for this week’s Daily Post Photo challenge: The Road Taken. Links to those posts are below

Kurobe Gorge, Japan

Road to the Top of Taishan

Himeji-jo Windows


Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Any geometric shape reminded me of a picture I took a long time ago in a place far, far away. The clean geometry of the cutouts in this wall at Himeji castle caught my fancy: they look so modern but are ancient. The cut outs are arrow “slits”.

It took me a while to locate it, these pictures were taken back in 2005, but they are in many ways timeless.


Rice Paper Windows

In Ainokura, Toyama, Japan they use rice paper for the windows of the old Gassho style houses. These houses are otherwise built very stoutly with thick thatched roofs. I found it curious that they used rice paper for the windows in such a cold environment. It probably helps with ventilation as well as letting in some light.

To my “western” eye the opaque white squares look strange.

Monday Window Home

Cormorant Fishing

Our relationships to Animals includes many types of interactions. A lot of times when I think about animals it is my cat, or my puppy friends. Tonight we watched traditional cormorant fishermen from the banks of the Nagara River in Gifu City, Japan, an off-beat example of working animals…and prey.

To quote the sightseeing map “Cormorant fishing master in grass skirt comically combined with an ancient headgear for court dress. While manipulating strings to control multiple cormorants who capture sweetfishes between their sharp beaks, a triune fishing by boat, master and cormorants can be achieved. This is a traditional fishing method survived longer than 1300 years.”