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Crawling and Flying

This is published in response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. These pictures were taken on the Peninsula Valdes in Argentina.

It seems to me that the funny way sea lions move on land is a crawl, since they move on their elbow and knee equivalents.

These juvenile hawks were learning to fly over their nest. The wind was so strong that they stayed over the nest, like one of those lap pools with a current.

Hint request:
I am continuing to go through pictures from my January trip to South America. This task has been frustrating because I am trying to make the pictures work for both a slide show (computer screen or TV screen) and in print. It seems like when I get a picture that looks like I remember it on my screen then the colors print out funny, especially blues. Does anyone else have this problem? any hints would be most welcome…especially ones that don’t require any financial outlay.