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As if in a dream

According to one definition surreal means an oddly dreamlike quality.

Accidental motion blur.
I dropped my camera while taking a picture of the things I was packing .

A decade ago I went on a three day safari before heading out to a remote village in Kenya where we were working on getting a library set up.

The safari was surreal in a few ways: the animal life so different from what I am used to seeing. They were doing a burn to keep the grasslands healthy and it was the rainy season, so the atmosphere had a hazy other-worldly quality. (You can make an image larger by clicking on it).

Safari link plane arriving to take me away.

The return from the safari, flying over the Kibera slums

A bird’s eye view of Nairobi. The rusty sea of irregular roofs in the center is the Kibera slum.

then traveling though “the jam”,

then to the hot crowded reality of a small village

magnified the dreamlike quality of those three days at Masai Mara.

For the Lens Artists Challenge: Surreal I took a few photos from that little trip and played with them to get an even more surreal look, using a bunch of different tools and techniques in Topaz Studio 2.

Local Vistas

I’m late. Lost a couple of days because we headed over to Dad’s to enjoy the low tides.

We live a block below the good views. Here is a random gallery of photos taken within walking distance of my house or my dad’s house, my two centers of orbit in response to last week’s lens artists challenge: Local Vistas.

To see any photo larger just click on it.

Early morning waves and rocks in black and white

Early morning waves on Sandy Beach on Oahu
A big splash

Sandy Beach on Oahu really is sandy, but toward one end it has these interesting lava rocks. Watching the waves crash on the rocks is rather hypnotic. Even though the sunrise colors were very lovely I think black and white brings out the drama of the water.

For Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Rocks, Boulders, Stones, Lens-Artists Challenge: Water, and Brashley Photography’s Mid-week Monochrome.

I used a combination of the black and white tools built into the GIMP and Nik Collections Silver Effects Pro to create the images above.

Three Amazing Days

Certainly one of the most memorable things in my life was a three day safari at Masai Mara National Park in Kenya. It was about ten years ago now but the memories have not faded. Words can’t describe being in such an awe inspiring place. I was there for only three days but…wow…I look back and have a hard time believing all of the amazing wildlife we saw.

For Len’s Artists Photo Challenge: Memorable Events, and Sunday Stills: Wildlife.

Words and more

Sometimes it’s a chat…

A shared laugh….

The universal language of music…

And sometimes something more…

A quick snarl from this lioness sent the cubs obediently off. I wish my kid had been so obedient…

My dog, Ginger (the smaller one, she belonged to my grandma at the time) and my Dad’s dog Sam (now deceased) were really good friends. One visit when Ginger espied Sam she raced off and they looked like they were hugging. I managed to grab a picture of them hugging on our arrival before they ran toward me to say hi to me.

For the Lens Artists’ Challenge: Communication.

Everyday stuff

My daily grind. Father-in-law made the lovely coffee grinder as a decorative piece (he did amazing woodwork) when we switched to the French Press we discovered that it worked better for getting the grind consistent than the electric one we had before.
Another form of daily grind: checking on social media.
I spend more time than I should on the daily crossword puzzles.
I don’t make bread everyday but the wooden spoon, a gift from a friend in Africa, the knife set, a wedding gift (has served us for over 34 years!) the bowl and pans are things I use most days.

For Lens Artists Photo Challenge: everyday objects.

A search of memory lane

I think I found a photo with everything on the list, plus a couple of the extra credit items.

A bicycle.
A church, York Minster.
Mountain landscape and waterfall, Myrtle Falls at Paradise on Mount Rainier.
Dog in an expressive portrait.
Bird, a great blue heron.
A double rainbow and a boat, near Punte Arenas.
An airplane at sunset, near Beijing Airport.
A musical instrument, sculpture in La Conner, Washington.
A hot spring in Kurobe Gorge, Japan.
A funny sign, at least it makes me smile…it is a “keep off the grass” sign in Weifang, Shandong Province, China.

For Lens Artist’s Challenge: Treasure Hunt.

  • Challenge Items: Sunrise and/or sunset, Something cold and/or hot, a bird, a dog, a funny sign, a bicycle, a seascape and/or mountain landscape, a rainbow, a church, a musical instrument, a boat, a plane, a waterfall
  • Extra Credit Items:  An expressive portrait of one or more people, a very unusual place, knitting or sewing, a fish, an animal you don’t normally see, a bucket, a hammer, a street performer, a double rainbow, multiple challenge items in a single image. My opening image, for example, includes a sunrise, a seascape and birds in a single shot. See how easy it is?! 😀