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Three minutes thought

A long time favorite quote of mine is “Three minutes thought would suffice to find this out, but thought is Irksome…and three minutes is a long time.” A.E. Housman. It was published in the 1930’s!

That last fact is important because it was before the microwave…and twitter. Nothing is irking me today, so the prompt got me pondering: Is three minutes of thought put into every twitter post, on average? I really have no idea since I don’t participate. If it is then: WOW! that’s a lot of thinking!

I struggle with writing, finding just the right words to put into your head the idea I am trying to convey, and find that the shorter the finished piece, the longer it takes me to compose. With a 140 character count I would probably never choke anything out…or never get dinner fixed.

That leads me to ask this question: if all that thinking goes into twitter posts what is being traded for it?

What do you think? (you can use more than 140 characters if you want). Is it the same as what you would think if you spent three minutes on it?