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Himeji-jo Windows


Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Any geometric shape reminded me of a picture I took a long time ago in a place far, far away. The clean geometry of the cutouts in this wall at Himeji castle caught my fancy: they look so modern but are ancient. The cut outs are arrow “slits”.

It took me a while to locate it, these pictures were taken back in 2005, but they are in many ways timeless.


Commercial Windows


The In Zone mall in Weifang, Shandong Province, China. Even though I am not crazy about modern architecture I have a fascination with its reflective zigzag. It reminds me of a city skyline.

A day late (my husband was off work and I didn’t realize it was Monday) but the post is a response to the two challenges below:

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Rice Paper Windows

In Ainokura, Toyama, Japan they use rice paper for the windows of the old Gassho style houses. These houses are otherwise built very stoutly with thick thatched roofs. I found it curious that they used rice paper for the windows in such a cold environment. It probably helps with ventilation as well as letting in some light.

To my “western” eye the opaque white squares look strange.

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