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Suddenly, I awoke

Almost moonset.

If I were a magic being I would follow the moon trail. I wonder where it would take me?

The two images are the same photo processed in slightly different ways. I couldn’t decide which one to use…Which do you think is better?

For Travel with intent’s One Word Sunday: Night and The Blog of Hammas Rais’s Weekend Sky.

What a difference a day makes!

Time and tide wait for no man…or woman.

Last Sunday night the crescent moon and Venus were in dramatic sync.


I was trying to be in that beautiful time, so I didn’t fire up my computer to learn how to use the timer setting on my new camera so I could take a picture without camera shake. “No problem,” I naively thought; I would look up the directions and have a second go at a really clear shot on Monday.


The shot is pretty clear, you can see the star and, if you look closely, a small trail of starlight on the water…but the alignment was gone. The moon and star march to different drummers. Time had moved on.

RDP #52-Time


The Moon-as negative space

For the Halloween Challenge of the Moon

Tonight’s crescent was okay and I thought it would be seasonal to catch it with some clouds, but, typical of Seattle, the clouds decided to reduce the moon to nothing. So I thought about how I took a few pictures of the full moon last summer in order to test out camera settings for during the eclipse (totality is supposed to approximate the amount of light cast by the full moon). Then I realized that my pictures from the eclipse are of the moon, in a way. So here is the moon as negative space (a shadow on the sun).