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Reflection Lakes

Last month when we hiked to Reflection Lakes on Mount Rainier there were a lot of Plops. Fish were jumping at the many, many bugs in the air. The lakes act as a Mirror for the Mountain when they are calm. In the picture below I was lucky enough to catch a fish jumping…and its reflection when I took a picture of the Mountain and its reflection.


Magenta Indian Paintbrush

It seems like every year I go to Mount Rainier has its own personality. This year the Magenta Indian Paintbrush seemed more vibrant and freshly in bloom than in other years. There is an oranger (apparently that is not a real word) Indian Paintbrush that I saw at lower elevations, the Magenta one seems to be a high altitude variety. I would love to understand the science behind that!

Regardless it is a beautiful flower, at times it can be overwhelmed by the lupines.

Cee’s Flower of the Day

Taking it slow

Luxury is a relative word.

Sometimes it means an exquisite sensation: tasting rich dark chocolate and raspberries; feeling silk velvet against your skin; hearing a beautiful piece of music…The list goes on and on.

I spent last week at Mount Rainier with my husband and some dear friends. That is a luxury, even though the physical experience itself was rustic (and strenuous!) at times. As I wrote that sentence I realized that I don’t generally associate my sense of sight with luxury. Mount Rainier provides gorgeous visual sensations:


A while ago I wrote about luxury, Luxury. What is  luxury? ,noting that things like a flush toilet and a shower are luxuries (two of my favorites!). Ones that much of the world don’t have. How very relative the word “luxury” can be: if it weren’t for burlap would we appreciate silk velvet? Stale crackers make a peach luxurious, and a week with a squatty-potty latrine and basin of water to wash with turn a simple bathroom the height of luxury.

So, on this rather grey morning, with things unpacked, the laundry done, and the Empress (our cat) home from her visit to the colonies (she stays on Vashon Island with my father while we are away), the luxury is taking things slow. When the sun shines I feel like I have to get going and do things.

Travel Theme: Gleaming

To gleam is to “shine brightly, especially with reflected light”, according to The Google. Here are some of my gleaming travel experiences.

These are the gleaming white walls of “The Getty” in LA:

A gleaming sculpture welcoming folks to Yreka, California:

Gleaming Bronze sculpture in Yreka, California.
Gleaming Bronze sculpture in Yreka, California.

A sheep with gleaming wool somewhere in western Ireland:

Gleaming sheep wool, somewhere in western Ireland.
Gleaming sheep wool, somewhere in western Ireland.

Gleaming modern Beijing Nan (South) train station:

Beijing Nan train station in China.
Beijing Nan train station in China.

A gleaming sea serpent in Fort Bragg, California:

Sea serpent at Fort Bragg Botanical Garden in California.
Sea serpent at Fort Bragg Botanical Garden in California.

Gleaming golden serenity in the form of the Buddha at the Great Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian, China:

Golden Buddha at Great Wild Goose Pagoda
Gleaming serenity.

Pasqueflower seedheads gleaming in the early morning light at Mount Rainier in Washington state:

Pasqueflower seedheads.
Pasqueflower seedheads.

Post inspired by Where’s My Backpack Travel Theme: Gleaming.