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Is there an “Elvis Effect”?

If numerology and astrology are ways to understand yourself and plan your life, then why not use the song that was number one the year you were born? How might that work?

Music has a strong influence on us, (think for example about the Mozart Effect) and I am very sensitive to noise, somewhat ironic since I am all but tone deaf. Could the music we hear when our brains are forming be a factor in who we are?

When I looked up the #1 hit song for when I was born, I more than half expected that I would never have heard of it, since it was a bit before the British Invasion music that mostly played on the radio when I was young. Instead it was Be My Little Good Luck Charm by Elvis. (I didn’t realize what a hunk he was!) I could definitely imagine my parents dancing to it. They were extremely young (17 and 23) when I was born. Since they were so young the hits were probably what was playing (my husband and I were a bit older when we became parents and mostly had an oldies station playing).

The things I liked about Good Luck Charm were that is has a nice beat, not too fast or too slow, a pleasant melody, and nice words. It is a pleasant song with a cheery air to it. I would like my life to be that way, and mostly it is. Although sometimes I have to stop and, as the Africans say, “pull up my socks”*, in order to keep it so.

Could there be an “Elvis Effect”? The next question might be: how would someone who’s number one is heavy metal filled with swearing approach life? To find out what was playing when you were born check out the birthdayjams website.

*I love this saying. It makes me remember the feel of socks bunched down around my arches. A reminder that sometimes in order to go faster sometimes you have to stop and make adjustments, then get going again.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Your Number One.”