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Another year over…

2019 was not a good year, and it ended poorly

I’ve been rather inactive for the last month. I can’t seem to keep up and when I don’t keep up the vast number of posts coming out every day (honestly I do not know how people manage to post everyday) make catching up in the time available impossible. So if I missed your brilliant holiday posts I apologize.

Life has been going on. When stuff happens (do you ever feel like shouting “it didn’t ‘happen’, you did it!” to someone?) I always wind up silenced for a while. It’s kind of like when you fall and it takes a moment to figure out if you are alright or not, then get back up. If you don’t pause a bit before you get back up your legs can’t hold you.

…but it wasn’t all bad

I feel like I saw many beautiful things and learned a lot last year (notice my leprechaun animated GIF?).

A great thing about photography as a hobby is being able to go back through the archives for a year and see how much happened that was beautiful and good. I feel like holding onto the good and beautiful is critical to staying as close to sane as I can manage.

Will 2020 be a year of perfect vision?

Right now I have a fear that I may see perfectly a lot of bad stuff happening.

Here’s hoping I am wrong!


It’s finally New Year’s. 2017, a busy roller coaster of a year for me, is ending. 2018 will start soon…already has in much of the world. I deliberately took the picture with the roses this morning since it has all the stages from bud to rose hip in it. My life is less about new beginnings and more about cycles. “The seasons spin around again, and the years keep rolling by.”

Perhaps this bizarre scene I saw on the same walk would be a better choice:


The doll has been sitting on the bench for several days now (it’s on my regular morning dog walk route), but someone added a banana blossom bud to it.

You know it’s been quite a year when you are elated to get a letter from Department of Social and Health Services on December 30th confirming your calculations and allowing you to close the books on 2017 with no carry forward.

Because of my grandmother’s situation I don’t necessarily anticipate a grand and glorious 2018. I am, however, confident that it will hold many joys; I fear they may be balanced with sorrows and stress. But so it goes.

I make no resolutions. Too much can’t be predicted and feelings of failure could upset my delicate emotional balance.

As I walked the dogs the wind changed and it went from warm-ish and cloudy to cold and clear-ish.

Space Needle with Mount Baker in the background.

If you zoom in in the picture above you can read the sign saying “I’m getting a space lift.”

Almost sunset on this almost eerie day, it seemed very quiet and dim, and very chilly.


and cheers to all for this brand New Year.

She looks remarkably good for almost 95.