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The Pic and a Word Challenge prompt and post  for this week made me think of these pictures from two trips I took to China in 2014. In the post Patrick Jennings talked about how in India and China he felt like people were an intrinsic part of the scenery and I realized that, while I am often frustrated by their presence, he is right.

China is often a busy and crowded place, but there are also large expanses of space. A single person in the frame turns a photograph into a picture, something that tells a bit of a story.


Human Faces

I realized in trying to respond to the challenge this week: Face, that I don’t usually take pictures of people’s faces. I tend to take a whole person in context. After going through scads of pictures, I decided to take new pictures of my furry friends. I posted Furry Faces this morning. But, especially after seeing some of the many great posts that other people did, I was haunted by some of the pictures I went through and almost used. So I provide for you here a gallery with some human faces.