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Whatsoever is Lovely Challenge-2022 Week 9

This challenge is simple: step back for a few minutes each week to find a lovely thing, a precious moment, anything you find lovely. Then post about it. You can just post a picture or you can go into detail and tell it as a reflection, story or poem.

It could be anything:

a smile…a rainbow…a flower…a kind act…a tasty treat

What was lovely in your life this week?

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A harbinger of spring

The plum blossom is an important symbol in Chinese culture. One of the “four gentlemen” in traditional painting. Here is an interesting article about it’s symbolism in China (the Epoch Times can be a bit weird, but this article is pretty good). It’s symbolizing of hope in hardship and regeneration of life seems appropriate to the current epidemic.

Wishing all in China (which includes my son, who is not ill, or in a particularly dangerous area, but is starting week 3 of a lock down in his community) hope and courage in the face of this crisis.

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