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A coddiwomple to Whitby

Great new word from the Ragtag Daily Prompt: Coddiwomple. It means “to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.”

I coddiwomple through life, especially when I travel. I tend to be very business-like and organized, but I am often a little (or sometimes a lot) vague on exactly what I want to accomplish. I’ve become more comfortable with it as time goes on, might as well not stress on my own goals when I keep getting hit with sudden needs to spend hours collecting documents for Grandma’s VA and DSHS reviews or take Dad to the doctor, etc.

When traveling I like to get out and be where I am and that often means hustling myself ready and getting out, then deciding which direction to head. Usually I make a list of possibilities for each location so I can adjust for weather, transportation snafus or just feeling a bit lazy.

On our recent trip to England we took a couple of day trips to places chosen because they were the end of the line for train rides. One of these was to Whitby. We were staying in York to get to the Esk Valley line we had to change twice, in Darlington and Middlesbrough, which meant planning well since the Esk Valley line only has a couple of runs a day.

The Esk Valley line is a small, two car train, more like a tram. It runs from Middlesbrough through the North York Moors National Park to the coastal town of Whitby.

We didn’t know what to expect, but learned that Whitby is basically a tourist trap. Very picturesque and very crowded on one of Yorkshires hottest days. You have about 4 hours to explore if you aren’t going to ride the same train back that you came on.

We sat on the opposite side of the train going and saw a bit more of the river than we had on the trip out.


It was a nice coddiwomple in many ways. We both enjoy train travel and the scenery was lovely. Whitby is a charming town.

Even my careful planning couldn’t cover everything: the day we had for the trip was exceptionally hot for Yorkshire so a lot of people were headed out for a day at the coast, including a very large school group. The kids were well behaved, and the adults had the outing well organized, but the kids were, understandably, excited and chatty and the train was very crowded. They were also on the train coming back, again well behaved, but excited and even more chatty from a day of sun and sea and sugary treats. The silence when they got off was welcome.

Advice for if you ever get the chance to take this trip: on weekdays, even if there are no school groups, the train back is used by students of the local schools on their way home so it is normally more crowded than the one going out.



Muddy Paws United

We are “dog people” at family gatherings there are often equal numbers of dogs and people. Our dogs are, mostly, friends with each other as well. I call them Muddy Paws United, Beach Walking Club. This post from last year talks about the friendship between our dogs: Puppy Friends. This year, sadly, my dear friend Sam, passed away in May. She was almost 13 years old and had lymphoma. This post is a bit about that sad time: No Pedigree, just a heart of gold. I had planned to talk more about my dear Sam, but my heart is still tender from her loss. I know that with time I will feel a surge of happiness when I see her picture, but for now it still brings tears. I think my two still half expect to see her when we go over to Dad’s.

Introducing the newest family member: Max, Dad’s new puppy:


She seems to be fitting in pretty well, although she wears the older dogs out pretty quickly. She is a good match color-wise for the older dogs. Here is the new Muddy Paws United:


Hopefully Ginger and Asta will become as good friends with Max as they were with Sam. I still miss Sam but hugging a puppy is good therapy. She has really helped my dad adjust. He got quite depressed during Sam’s illness and was extremely lonely after she was gone.




A little mountain magic: blue flowers

Lupines always seem impossible to me. The color seems like fairy magic, especially when lit by a stab of sunlight sneaking in through the trees.


I randomly grabbed a book to take on our recent trip: The Tolkien Reader and it contained an essay called “On Fairy-stories”, which is very long. Reading it affected the way I saw things.

Posted in response to Ragtag Daily Prompt #75: Blue.

My voice is rarely heard

People never seem to hear me. My physical voice isn’t very high pitched, but it seems like no one hears me. If I raise my volume people tell me not to yell. I often have to relay information through my husband, who doesn’t speak loudly but people can hear him. It’s depressing sometimes. I voted today (we have mail in ballots). My voice in politics is usually not heard either.

We have a top two primary. That means that the two with the most votes go to the general election regardless of party (so you may not even have a Democrat and a Republican on the general ballot). We had 25 candidates for one US Senate position and 11 for state senate. Party affiliations are listed as “prefers Party Name“. In addition to several candidates each from the duopoly, quite a few were independents and one was FRFD (or maybe FDFR, I’ve recycled the pamphlet and it’s too hot to go fishing for it in our bin). I didn’t look it up, our hypothesis is that it was profane.

I felt like many of the people running for the US Senate don’t know what the senate does. It wound up being not much of a choice when you ruled out people who were oblivious to what the job entails. However, I caught a break in the state senate race. I went to middle school with one of the candidates and, not only did she put together a cogent statement showing she understood about the issues and the needs of our area, I know her to be a good person: she cares about people, our community and works very hard to make things better. Naturally she’s not favored, but I felt good about voting for her, something I rarely feel these days.

I thought it was interesting that there are 25 running for US Senate and only one Democrat (the incumbent) and one Republican for US Representative for our district. I felt cornered: I don’t care for our representative. Not that I disagree with most of her positions, I just find her too extreme and her style too in-your-face to get anything done in today’s congress. We need moderation and cunning. Last time we had several good candidates and I would have liked to see one of them try again. I feel a bit like the stage has been managed, possibly by hostile forces to try and “flip” our district.

By voting I whispered into the wind…but at least I felt really good about one candidate.