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Realistic Planning

You can’t see and do everything in a short period of time. My preference is for quality over quantity. Which is fortunate since I am not a high energy particle.

I touched a little on this idea when I talked about planning around having jet lag.

A few things that I have learnt to plan for:

  • Travel time from place to place.
  • To add time beyond the minimum recommended to see things, because I process more slowly and like to take photographs.
  • Realistic levels of physical activity. I can hike 13 miles on fairly even ground (I did it last June on our Hadrian’s wall walk), but on steep or choppy terrain that goes down to 9 or 10. High altitude affects that as well. Lately I have taken a couple of falls, and had some bad back days, and that has made me aware that I am smart to go places where there is an alternative activity if I am not up to hiking.
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