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Dear Santa

I’ve been thinking about you this week. I came across these pictures from a time more magical. Even though I haven’t visited in quite a while, and the magic just isn’t there for me any more, I really appreciate the joy you brought to me through the years.

JpegThis, in case you have forgotten (understandable since you have your picture taken with so many children every year) was taken in 1994, the last time we came to see you with “Grandma” Barb. James was in school all day after that so our little tradition of visiting you and having lunch on the Monday after Thanksgiving came to an end.

James has grown up and lives in China now. Not all traditions are dead: I sent him a package with stockings for him and his co-English teachers and a new girl friend. It is fun to share that tradition. He uses the stocking and a present to teach his students ideas like in, out, under and over.

We don’t do stockings at home anymore…my husband never caught on and there are just the two of us now, I don’t need to fill my own stocking. Maybe someday…he has warmed to having pets. The Empress rules him with an iron paw in a velvet glove and he has really taken to the little dogs.

This has been a good year: filled with love and good memories. As the year closes we are still working toward a stable situation for Grandma, who broke her hip November 19th. However, she is improving, slowly but steadily, and we go over to visit taking the pups, a treat or two, and British humor DVD’s to watch every week. Keeping up the little things is more important to me now than the big gestures of Christmas, and my energy is low enough that I can’t really do both.

So the stockings are in China, the relatives here will get glazed pecans and baked goods. We have a few decorations about the place, but no tree, and we play some of our favorite Christmas music now and again. Christmas has dwindled to a cozy, low-key celebration of family and love, and that feels right for now. In a world full of violence and vitriol it has its own magic.

Thanks for all of the memories…and, who knows, maybe things will again shift toward the magical. I know you’ll always be there for those who believe.

 Christmas Writing Prompt: Write a letter to Santa