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Sweet details

The entire display is called a Gingerbread Village, I’m not sure what they call the individual entries. But I think of them as sweet sculptures. I showed one of them in yesterday’s Pull up a Seat post. Here is another. This one is a village all on its own.

It’s worth clicking on the photos to make them bigger and zooming in a bit so you can see the details. I am always amazed by the creativity and fun details. It makes me think that the people who make them have fun with the project.

For Mind over memory’s Sculpture Saturday.

Kitty cat on a formal column somewhere in Aukland, New Zealand

These are ancient, low resolution pictures from a trip to New Zealand in 2008, for Grandma’s 85th birthday. The housecats on top of formal columns tickled my fancy. They were taken at a potanical garden on a hill in Aukland, I can’t recall its name right now.

It took a bit of editing to try and reclaim the details.

For Mind over Memory’s Sculpture Saturday

Bixi at Dai Miao in Tai’an

Dai Miao is an important temple for the Chinese people and the temple that was the starting out point for the emperor’s trips up Taishan, which were for religious purposes. The Bixi (stone tortoises) carry on their backs the documentation for those visits. The ones at Dai Miao are of dramatically varying ages and some are quite ancient and worn.

For Mind Over Memory’s Sculpture Saturday

Skipping stones

These are photos from different angles, and of different water levels, of bronze sculptures of two boys skipping stones. They were along the Mihe River in Shouguang, Shandong Province, China (I’ve shared others that were in the same general area before: Children Playing, Playing Go; and explained that this area was under construction when last I was there.)

Fall is racing away from me and it is looking less and less likely that I will be able to get away for my semi-annual trip to China. I wanted to get over to Shouguang and see how the construction has progressed. I know there was another major typhoon last month that caused major flooding.

I miss getting away for a while, fall always gives me itchy feet, but the upside is that my son was able to come here for a visit at the end of September, and may be back again for another soon.

For Sculpture Saturday, hosted by Mind over Memory and while not exactly brazen I’m also linking to Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Brazenly Bronze, because to me these meet the criteria of “the types of bronze sculptures that you find soul inspiring and lifelike”. I just love the way they incorporated the children playing and the landscape of the river together.