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Bronze deer

These are in a park in Shouguang, Shandong Province, China. If you decide to go looking for them they are at a park on the east bank of the Mihe River, north of Shengcheng Jie (one of the main roads into the city). Since they are not very near the river they may still be there (much of the area near the river banks was under construction during my visit last spring). I’ll have to go and seek them out on my next visit.

For Mind over Memory’s Sculpture Saturday.

Big seagulls

Two views of a sculpture on the waterfront of Seattle, of Ivar Hagland, a local character who was real and larger than life. Ironically the seagulls in this sculpture are larger than life and Ivar is pretty close to life size. Of course gulls feel bigger than they are when coming at you for left-over french fries.

For Mind over memory’s Sculpture Saturday.

Children Playing

Here is another sculpture installation that I really liked by the Mihe River in Shouguang, China. It was fun to see it with the different river levels.

Mihe River construction project in SHouguang, Weifang Prefecture, Shandong Province, China.
I really hope that someone saved it before the bulldozers came.

This is another of the sculptures that was located in an area that was under construction the last time I was there.

For Mind Over Memory’s Sculpture Saturday

Chinese jades

Jade carving of a mythical creature with attributes of a lion and a stag.

I have been awed by the intricate details carved into blocks of this hard stone. The combination of the intricate carving and the stone’s natural coloration is beautiful.

These photos are from the lobby of a hotel in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China where I have stayed on my way to and from visiting my son.

For Mind Over Memory’s Sculpture Saturday