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Shedding Light

As Nancy Merrill says in her Photo a week: street lights post. Streetlights are part of the unique experience of a location. Here is a gallery of street lights from here and there.

In some cities in China each street has its own unique streetlight design. It is a tremendous aid in navigating, especially at night.

China A to Z: L is for Lights and Lanterns

In China there are a lot of lights. Even during the day colored and flashing lights are used to catch your attention. They let you know where the action is…or where it’s wanted.

Food Street at Night

Street Lights

One use of lights that I found interesting, and very practical, is that the street lights are different shapes on different streets. That way you can tell what street you are on, even well out into the country. This is a great aid to me.I wound up staying near Beihai Lu during several stays and used to feel I was on home turf when I saw the butterfly street lights. Even if I was far off (Beihai Lu probably goes at least 50 miles) I knew I was on the right street.

Here are some examples from the City of Weifang:

Red Lanterns

Traditional, especially during the lantern festival. Many are not lit, just decorations in the shape of traditional lanterns.

At Yangjiabu Fold village they had red lanterns in trees of special importance.

At night they use strings of lights shaped like lanterns to let you know that a business is open.