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Up close and personal with sumac

Close up of the fruit cluster of the stag horn sumac.

I was out on a walk and noticed that several folks along my path had this interesting plant. I loved the velvety texture of what I know know to be a fruit cluster and the bright fall colors in the foliage.

Mama Cormier posted about it as a flower of the day earlier this month where I learned that it was sumac.

At once I wondered if it was the source for the Lebanese spice sumac. Research says it is a cousin: the type in my neighbor’s gardens is called staghorn and is indigenous, and common, on the eastern coast of America (not here on the west coast). The Lebanese spice comes from a European variety that is more purple than red. However, apparently the staghorn variety is also usable as a spice and some prefer it to the European. Here is an article about it.

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