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The gray is back today

It’s too dark to take decent photos outside today. But I want to share yesterday’s golden hour and sunset. The clouds were rather unusual; they had a cool texture that caught the light in interesting ways.

Sun hiding behind the clouds
Looking the other way: Do you see the tiny moon?
Last light reflected on the clouds.

For Weekly Prompts: Golden Hour.

Whatsoever is Lovely Challenge-2022 Week 5

This challenge is simple: step back for a few minutes each week to find a lovely thing, a precious moment, anything you find lovely. Then post about it. You can just post a picture or you can go into detail and tell it as a reflection, story or poem.

It could be anything:

a smile…a rainbow…a flower…a kind act…a tasty treat

What was lovely in your life this week?

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Sunrise-sunset quickly go the days-a vacation sampler

I just put together a calendar of photos from our recent trip to give Dad for Christmas, and thought I’d share a sampler. You can see a larger view by clicking on any image in the gallery.

Wishing you warmth this holiday season.

Whatsoever is lovely…day 30

After sunset the clouds caught some colors.
After sunset: Residual sunset colors in the clouds.

Even though I posted a sunset yesterday, a sunset seemed like a good way to end this month’s project. But maybe this one with clouds just after sunset is even better. Somewhere in the shadows in the water is the turtle I’ve been watching this afternoon. Just knowing that it is there makes this photo even more lovely for me.

Gan Xingfu (chasing happiness) 赶兴福

This November I am chasing happiness by photographing and sharing one lovely thing I see each day. I do edit the photos, often with an artistic effect like the one above, because playing with a lovely thing makes me happy.

Note: My son checked with his co-workers and, while they haven’t heard the phrase gan xingfu, they thought it was just fine to use.

For more explanation about this project check out this post: Whatsoever is lovely…day 1.

This is posted for Nanopoblano.