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The ultimate jigsaw puzzle

To grasp of the magnitude of the terracotta warriors in Xian you have to look at both the overall installation (the picture below is one of at least three areas).

and close up. There are many different figures with different hair styles, facial features and positions…and they were all painted. The number of craftsmen who worked on it must have rivaled the size of an army!

Putting it all together in the first place was an amazing feat. Rebuilding it is even more of one.

Crafts people are still working on it now, rebuilding the figures for future generations to appreciate. It has to be the ultimate jigsaw puzzle.

For Becky of Winchester’s July Squares: Perspective.

China A to Z: X is for Xi’an

X is not as uncommon in Chinese as it is in English, but it’s still hard to come up with an X is for… topic.

Xi’an, a city in central China, was an ancient capital. Now famous for the terracotta warriors, who are there because Xi’an was that ancient capital. Because of the warriors it is on the Western tourist track.

I went to Xi’an with my dad, about four years ago, after a cruise up the Yangtze in an attempt to see all of the main “must see” locations, never dreaming that I would wind up coming to China as frequently as I have. We hired a car and guide for the full day we spent seeing Xi’an. It worked out well but I do not recall which company it was.


The day was rather grey and rainy so it wasn’t spectacular…and traveling with Dad can be a bit limiting since he can’t walk very far and isn’t interested in the same things I am. But we hit a few of the highlights of the city.

We saw the terracotta warriors:

the great goose pavilion:

and the city walls:

Intricate Work

Reconstructing the terracotta army strikes me as one of the most intricate of tasks.

Excavation pit showing how the pieces look when tehy are found.
Excavation pit showing how the pieces look when they are found.

It is awesome to realize the amount of detail that went into creating the figures in the first place as well.

Terracotta warriors.
Terracotta warriors.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Intricate.”