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End of summer

Rose of Sharon

I wasn’t crazy about this image, but its the last on my card for August. I took it because of the way the light hit the flower and the combination of full bloom and dead blooms. It turned out kind of meh.

I played around with it a bit using some of the filters in G’mic and Nik (both are pugins for the GIMP).

For Bush Boy’s Last on the Card for August, and Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Unstitchable skies

The last photos on my card for March are a sequence of the interesting skies we had yesterday evening. A weather front was moving in.

I was hoping to stitch them into a panarama, but I didn’t have my monopod and the angles and scales are a little too wonky to pull it off.

For Bushboy’s Last on Card: March and Hammad Rais’s Weekend Sky.

Goodbye, February, it’s been real

Huddling camellia

It really rained yesterday and I noticed this bright, cheerful camellia when out with the dogs. It reminded me of how we sometimes walk when caught out in the rain, facing slightly down, the little petal almost looks like a hand put over to shield the eyes.

For Bushboy’s Last on the card-February 2022. This was my last on card, the header is my next to last on card for the month. Also for Cee’s Flower of the Day.