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New purple suitcase

My new purple suitcase is packed. So is the new teal one. I am, as my son used to say, bouncing off the pad. 

I got home from Arizona on Sunday and today I depart for China. That means little or no internet access. So don’t be surprised if it seems like I’m not around…I’m not.

If the restrictions are the same as before: Sometimes I can post, but I can’t get or respond to comments. One trip I could see gmail but not the last few trips. I was once or twice able to use my WordPress reader, but couldn’t 👍 or make comments.

The reduced access makes me think about how reliant I am on various technologies. I use my smart phone: I have a Chinese SIM in the second slot; and can often use WiFi to access what my son calls the InterWeb (China’s internet, which is extensive). I can use an old email address and Skype to keep in touch with family. 

Even with the restrictions technology has made travel much easier, from the standpoint of information and communication.