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Fall walk

The weather has taken a turn toward almost winter, with chilly air and storms blowing through. Yesterday I cut short our morning walk because of weather.

But in the afternoon a chance sunbeam alerted me to a break in the clouds and we went out for a short one. By the time we got leashed up things were not looking very promising, but we persisted.

The dark skies do make the colors in the foliage and flowers that are still hanging on pop.

It was a nice little break in the weather. Little being the operative word, as the clouds steadily poured in, then started pouring.

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Snowy way

Our snow is almost gone now, but last weekend it snowed for almost two days straight. I still had to walk my four legged friends.

Setting out, Ginger is looking back to make sure that I am serious about this folly.
My brave little Asta led the way, forging a tiny trail in the snow.
Asta found the going much easier in a tire path.
At our driveway the snow was virgin and up above Asta’s legs. She paused.
Can you imagine how daunting this would look from a small dog’s point of view?
Ginger took the lead and forged us a trail home…Sometimes you have to let a friend take the lead.

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Typical November walk

These days I don’t go anywhere exciting to hike, but I walk my dogs every day around the neighborhood. Come along with us on a November walk.

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Day in and day out, rain or shine

The thing I do everyday, at least twice, usually three or four times, without exception is walk the dogs.

When they first became our dogs (they had been Grandma’s but she became unable to care for them) we did not have a fully fenced yard. We did finally put up small fences so I can just let them out but by then they were in the habit of being walked and insist on it. Many of my photographs are taken on our dog walks.

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