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When we were hiking in the Opua Forest in the Bay of Islands New Zealand this guy jumped onto my husbands hat.

A stick insect climed aboard my husband's hat.

He went laps on the hat while we tried to convince him that he would ultimately be happier in the woods. Eventually we found some growth that he was willing to climb on and we bid him (her?) adieu.

A stick insect moving from a hat onto a shrub.
Finally we found an appealing bit of foliage.
A stick insect.
Good bye little friend!

For Brashley Photography’s Photo for the Week: Insect.

Walking sticks

One thing I always bring along when I travel is a walking stick (mine is also a monopod for my camera.

I used to be too proud to use a walking stick, but that was a very long time ago. I had a bout of plantar fascistic almost 20 years ago. I got that fixed up but while my feet were hurting I started bringing along a walking stick.

It is very useful for things like crossing streams, climbing up and down slopes, area with uneven ground and the sometimes infinite, usually uneven and sometimes very tall stairs at temples and other monuments.

It is also useful for photography. I learned that using a monopod and setting ISO to 400 on my little Canon A510 camera allowed me to take nice night photos in many circumstances by experimentation at the Mantoro (Lantern Festival) we happened onto visiting Nara, Japan one August. Since then I’ve never traveled without a walking stick, even if I don’t always use it I always want it available.

Dai Miao Temple gate at night with tree and crescent moon.
Tai’an’s Dai Miao Temple’s north gate at night