A quick smile

Every so often something random will make me laugh. I’m in Beijing and up in the middle of the night. I just read rules for subway travel: they don’t allow you to bring unsafe items. Makes sense, right? One of the items they list as specifically prohibited is refrigerators. 

I keep forming pictures in my head of wrestling a refrigerator down escalators and stairs in a subway station. I figure they wouldn’t list it specifically unless someone tried to do it at some point…

It’s like a comedy skit where kids torment someone by saying don’t think about purple elephants.

A List of Advice

1) A list is a great way to organize your thoughts, your day, your life…It can get you going and keep you going when things seem crazy or overwhelming.

2) Once you have the list stop for a minute and see if it has achievable items on it. “Write a novel” doesn’t work for a Monday list, better to have write for an hour. (Save the novel for a weekend!)

3) Don’t neglect regular stuff: always put things like “eat lunch” and “feed the cat” on the list. We do so many things each day that get taken for granted. A list is a great way to see all that we accomplish. Mundane is important.

4) Celebrate every check mark!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Satisfaction of a List.”