They’re everywhere: Fences from here and there

In Japan

In Ireland:

In Africa:

In China:


In Montana:

In Missouri:

I was surprised at how many fence pictures I have. After going through my archives looking specifically for fences I realized that I have a tendency t use them as framing elements in photos.

Lens Artists Photo Challenge-Fences

Irish country road

Going through some old pictures from our trip to Ireland in 2013. These are from a day trip through the Gap of Dunloe in McGillicuddy Reeks in Killarney. Time seems to go by fast, yet so much has happened since that it seems like both yesterday and a lifetime ago at the same time.

For Son of a Beach’s Which Way Challenge

Shedding Light

As Nancy Merrill says in her Photo a week: street lights post. Streetlights are part of the unique experience of a location. Here is a gallery of street lights from here and there.

In some cities in China each street has its own unique streetlight design. It is a tremendous aid in navigating, especially at night.